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Dated March 1, 2021

Re: Agenda item No. 6.4: Consideration of Early Activation Changes (a) Amendment to Cannabis

Cultivation ordinance (b) Resolution for those were Early Activated in 2020 (c) Efficiency processes,

direction to staff.

Dear Honorable Supervisors:

The Lake County Cannabis Alliance would like to express appreciation to the Board and County Staff for our efforts to extend the Early Activation program. The proposed amendments are essential for enabling continuity of cultivation for local operators, and ensuring that there is a legal pathway for operators to pursue concurrent county and state applications.

We support the proposed resolution and amendments, and we request that the Board applies the same Early Activation amendments to all other commercial cannabis license types.

We would like to suggest the two following modifications to the timelines proposed in order to account for the variability in agricultural cycles and ensure that the greatest number of local operators can participate in the regulated market:

(1) Application of the proposed EA amendments to the remainder of the 2021 calendar year, and remove the arbitrary 6 month limitation which does not allow for variation in planting cycles.

(2) Instead of requiring submissions by April 20, 2021 we encourage the CDD to allow for an open ended application period instead focusing on compliant projects in good standing and complete applications. An arbitrary deadline will prevent qualified applicants from applying who may need more time to prepare the Initial Study and satisfy all environmental requirements. Instead,

perhaps applicants could file an intent to apply by April 20, 2021 and require progress updates

at specified intervals to keep County staff informed.

Additionally, we would like to see the language in the proposed amendment to Chapter 21 Section 27.13(C)(e)(i) regarding complaints matches that in the Resolution section (1)(d) to qualify that “applicants received no formal and substantiated complaints from neighboring parcels within seven hundred (700) feet of the project real property.”

We also request that applicants in good standing be allowed to alter their applications in order to

accommodate changes such as an increase in allowable acreage that meet all of the existing EA criteria.

Lastly, while the County is doing its best to keep regulated actors compliant with local and state laws, we are facing the impending expiration of state provisional licenses on December 31, 2021. Absent a state-level legislative fix, all local operators holding provisional licenses will have to cease operations while waiting to move through the Use Permit approval process.

We respectfully urge the Board of Supervisors to sign on to a letter of support for SB 59, critical state legislation that would extend the provisional deadline to January 1, 2028 and allow more time for local operators to obtain use permits and annual licenses.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jennifer Smith


The Lake County Cannabis Alliance

Farmers, producers, distributors, manufacturers, and cannabis industry allies

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