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Communication with the County of Lake

Since it's inception, the LCCA has been working with the Lake County Board of Supervisors, the Community Development Department, the Planning Commission, and  and Community Development Department to push for local cannabis reform.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 Meeting


The Board of Supervisors Meeting on 1.25.22 is crucial to provide tax relief to farmers at a time of market uncertainty. 

The following letter went to the Board of Supervisors on January 24, 2022. Over 50 farms and businesses have signed on to ask the Board of Supervisors to grant tax relief. As you can see by this OpEd on our Blog - the current tax structure is not sustainable across the State of CA. Cannabis operators know that without tax relief and reform, there will be no cannabis tax base. 

Join us in person or on Zoom (passcode: 665289) to let the Board of Supervisors know:

1. Extend the January 31, 2022 tax deadline by 180 days

2. Change the tax structure to canopy

3. Why this is important to you, the economy, and the community.

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LCCA Tax Reform Letter to BOS-1.25.22_Page_1.jpg
LCCA Tax Reform Letter to BOS-1.25.22_Page_2.jpg
LCCA Tax Reform Letter to BOS-1.25.22_Page_3.jpg
LCCA Tax Reform Letter to BOS-1.25.22_Page_4.jpg
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