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  1. Why should I join the LCCA?

  2. What are your membership rates?

  3. Which Membership is right for me?

  4. How do I join?

  5. I want to work in the cannabis industry. What do I have to do?

  6. What type of businesses do you support?

  7. When do you meet?

  8. Can I Host a Meeting or Event?

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Why should I join the LCCA?

We are stronger together. The more voices and support, the more effective the LCCA is to enact change, educate the community about cannabis, and engage with each other. The LCCA is a trade association of cannabis businesses looking to ensure the sustainability of the local cannabis industry in Lake County. We aim to do this through business support services, social networking, hosting local events, commercial cannabis workshops, local initiatives and maintaining an active relationship with city, county and state lawmakers and staff. 

What are your membership rates?

In Feb 2022, we simplified our pricing structure to better serve our community and members. Please see our LCCA Membership Plans & Pricing 

Which Membership is right for me?

If you are not employed or owner in a cannabis company or ancillary business, our Affiliate level membership is perfect for those who want to be involved and stay in the loop. If you hold a state cannabis license for distribution, cultivation or retail, you can purchased the Licensed Cannabis Co membership plan. 

As we are a not for profit organization, all of our policy work and lobbying funding is generated from our membership fees, charitable donations and fundraising. As such, our Cornerstone members hold a special place in our organization in keeping our mission alive and maintaining a thriving cannabis industry in Lake County. For those that can contribute more, we also offer a monthly Cornerstone Member option as well as a discounted annual Cornerstone Membership with an yearly fee of $5,000.00. Please contact with any questions.  

How do I join?

Easy! Just select your membership level, create your online login and make your payment. We currently are accepting cash and PayPal payments. Please contact our LCCA treasurer to make your contact-less cash payment. If you are a company, be sure to send your supporting documentation to our admin at

I want to work in the cannabis industry. What do I have to do?

Please complete and submit the Lake County Sheriff's Office Application for Background Check. Once you are approved to work, you can find job postings on our forum. Also stay posted for LCCA Cannabis Job Fair events.

What type of businesses do you support?

We support cannabis farmers, nurseries, processors, manufacturers, distributors, testing facilities, retailers, event producers, consultants and ancillary businesses located in Lake County, California. 

When do you meet?

We typically meet at 11:00 am, the first Saturday of each month - subject to change. Notification will be given via email so be sure to subscribe to our site. During the Covid 19, all meetings will all be held online. Be sure to subscribe for email updates. Please contact us at for more information. 

Can I Host a Meeting or Event?

YES! We love having our meetings and events hosted by our local member farms. All private meeting details are only shared with our membership and private location information is never shared publicly. Note that any open consumption may only occur on private property. Please contact with any questions or an event you would like to host. 

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